Tuesday, August 12, 2008

President Mori Congratulates Olympic Athletes

Before the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics unfolded, President Manny Mori greeted the FSM Athletes, Coaches, and Chinese support staff at the FSM Embassy. President Mori impressed on the athletes that their presence at the Olympic Games would be a lasting lesson and experience that they will cherish and share with others.

Mr. Berney Martin, President of the FSM National Olympic Committee thanked the FSM Government for its support to this team and kindly asked President Mori to keep up with the level of interest and support for sports he has exhibited in the approval of funding for this 2008 Olympic Games delegation.

Also present at the welcome reception were Governor Anefel of Yap State, Congressman Twiter Aritos of Chuuk State, Dr. Vita Skilling, Secretary of Health and Socail Affairs, FSM Ambassador to China, Carlson Apis, all staff of the embassy, Mr. Jim Tobin, Secretary-General of the FSM National Olympic Committee, as well as some FSM students attending various universities in China.

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